Custom SEO Plans for all business sizes by Nord SEO
All Nord SEO packages include the whole nine yards to get your business sailing in the right direction.

At Nord SEO, β€” we construct every SEO package to be affordable, flexible, transparent, and scalable to match any sized business. All businesses fit into three main classes that determine what size budget to expect for effective SEO. Your business falls into one of the following 3 classes. Remember "size is everything."

All Nord SEO plans include the mother lode: Unlimited On-Site SEO Tasks, Unlimited Off-Site SEO Tasks, 1 Active Task, Weekly / Biweekly Contract, Exclusive Service, 6 Phases to SEO Success

What SEO can do for your business

SEO can:

  • help you get free business
  • increase your brand awareness
  • create a positive reputation of your business
  • build a library of digital assets
  • find new opportunities to expand and grow
  • get insights on what your competitors are doing

Types of Business Classes

  1. SMB: Small to Medium Businesses
  2. SME: Small to Medium Enterprises
  3. MNC: Multinational Corporations

🌊 Bigger the ocean, bigger the ship!

We'll get your ship shape and dressed to the nines!

⛡️ Local SEO

Perfect for the SMB

Starting at
$500 a week

Learn more about our Local SEO Plan

🚀 National SEO

Ideal for the SME

Starting at
$1,000 a week

Learn more about our National SEO Plan

🚒 International SEO

Ideal for the MNC

Starting at
$2,000 a week

Learn more about our International SEO Plan

White Hat SEO Experts

The most valuable benefit is a complement ofΒ White Hat SEO specialistsΒ with 25 years of experience in organic marketing, digital marketing, and search engine optimization strategies.

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