Prestige Public Relations Service by the Nord SEO PR Team
Prestige Public Relations Service by the Nord SEO PR Team. We offer White-Glove services to grow your brand or company with B2B and B2C procedures.

☝️ We provide PR teams for every business size.

Public relations are an essential part of communication between businesses and their partners. They can also specialize in your social media presence and blog to be powerful marketing tools.

With Nord SEO's PR Service, you get a Team of Dedicated PR Experts who provide Market Research & Market Analysis.

SMB: Small to Medium-sized Businesses

($1K a week)

Small to Medium-sized Businesses

SME: Small to Medium-sized Enterprises

($2K a week)

Small to Medium-sized Enterprises

MNC: Multinational Corporations

($4K a week)

Multinational Corporations

Public Relations Service

  • Prestige Brand Representation
  • Team of Dedicated PR Experts
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Competitor Research Analyst
  • SEO Research Strategist
  • Strategy Think-Tank
  • Quality Link-Building
  • Outreach Campaigns
  • Vertical Marketing
  • Horizontal Marketing
  • Partnership Discovery
  • Weekly Contract

Our Campaign Manager, Public Relations Specialist, and Research Analyst will work with you as copilots to find the story angles that speak to your audience. Your Public Relations service includes Press Releases | Media Events to gain attention | or B2B outreach copywriting.

Our social media experts can use Social Media to promote your brand and product. We will strategically select a media outreach plan that reaches your targeted audience. Our media outreach includes Pitch Letters and customized graphics or even video animations.

Our PR experts will also monitor your brand sentiment to improve your reputation or create solutions to mitigate negative reviews.

All aboard!

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