SEO Liability Disclaimer and Service Agreement 2024

⚠️ Nord SEO does not hold liability for any adverse effects on SEO in the following circumstances:

The Golden Rules

  1. Failure to stay updated with the latest SEO advancements and guidelines, which can affect the effectiveness of the SEO strategies implemented.
  2. Utilizing unapproved or non-recommended SEO software or tools from Nord SEO, which could lead to penalties from Search Engines.
  3. Circumventing the agreed-upon SEO strategies and plans by implementing independent changes without consulting Nord SEO.
  4. Publishing new content, URLs, scripts, or rich content such as videos or images without authorization from Nord SEO.
  5. Rejecting implementation of suggested changes or recommendations from Nord SEO that are designed to improve SEO rankings and overall website performance.
  6. Failing to procure all marketing and content materials without first obtaining approval, feedback, or curation from Nord SEO, which could compromise the consistency and effectiveness of the SEO strategy.
  7. Failure to adhere to the established brand guidelines regarding writing form, graphics, ads, and rich media such as videos. Any deviation from these guidelines without prior consultation and approval from Nord SEO can lead to inconsistencies in brand representation and potentially adverse effects on SEO.
  8. Premature abandonment of the SEO strategies before the forecasted timeline, failing to commit and invest time on par with your direct competitors.
  9. Ignoring or failing to address technical issues on the website that could affect SEO, such as broken links, slow loading times, or unoptimized images.

Toxic Domain History

  1. Pre-existing toxic domain history, including long-standing errors before contract commencement, harmful practices, domain blacklisting, or malicious code present on the site prior to Nord SEO's services.
  2. Damaging Off-Site SEO resulting from previous SEO companies that generated harmful or toxic backlinks by involving your domain in Link Schemes or employed Black Hat SEO Tactics.
  3. Prior involvement in practices that violated search engine guidelines that resulted in penalties. These penalties can continue to affect your domain's ranking and reputation for 2 years or more despite Nord SEO's efforts.

Black Hat Strategies

  1. Using duplicate (plagiarized) content from other sources without appropriate permissions and citations, which can lead to penalties from Search Engines.
  2. Misrepresentation of website traffic and engagement metrics to manipulate Search Engine rankings.
  3. Implementing aggressive or unethical marketing strategies, such as spamming or keyword stuffing, that can lead to penalties from Search Engines.
  4. Registering fraudulent addresses for your business citations, including shared suites, virtual addresses, or virtual office spaces.

Unqualified Hires

  1. Granting unwarranted access to individuals claiming to have SEO or copywriting skills without proper verification.
  2. Allowing untrained individuals to make modifications to the website, which can lead to broken links, slow loading times, or unoptimized content that adversely affect SEO performance.
  3. Covert engagement or outsourcing of prohibited subcontractors to unverified freelancers, risking the safety and integrity of our work. Agencies and freelancers in non-US, AU, NZ, CA, and EU countries who face no repercussions might accept bribes from the dark web or their rogue governments, potentially leading to your domain or online reputation being held for ransom.
  4. Unauthorized alterations to the website(s) made by anyone with access or control over the site who is not a Nord SEO staff member or recruit.

Poor Marketing Management

  1. Brands with a negative online reputation due to excessive customer complaints resulting from the company's decisions, operations, actions, or errors.
  2. Instances where Search Engines choose to rank competitors above your domain due to competitors' marketing performance history.
  3. Failure to comply with local and international laws that result in legal repercussions or penalties from Search Engines.
  4. Neglecting to maintain a secure and safe website environment, which can lead to data breaches that affect website ranking and the brand's trustworthiness.

❗ Our liability rules are subject to changes and additions as new unethical cheating methods are developed and discovered frequently.