We understand that SEO is not always affordable. Not to worry, we work with everyone based on their budget limitations. The way forward is to find a package that fits your budget, while achieving the growth and goals you need to reinvest into your brand SEO. Therefore we build affordable SEO package bespoke for your needs.

Fortunately there isn't a one-price-fits-all solution that entails a successful SEO plan. Because every business has particular needs, and some industries have different levels of competition, it's important to know you are not overpaying, or underpaying your SEO. Investing is the first step towards growth, but how much can your business grow in the long-term? And how much can you afford to invest into your business now?

SEO agencies who promise results to every business with the same SEO packages and prices presumably make empty promises. Here we'll explain why all clients require different sized budgets compared to others.

Fact:ย Hiring an SEO Specialist is inexpensive compared to the cost of paying an untrained employee.

Here are a few characteristics that can significantly affect the budgets to achieve successful SEO for your business:

  1. The size of yer business and website.
  2. The number of keywords ye need to target.
  3. How good or bad yer website history is.
  4. The level of competition in yer industry.
  5. How fast you want to achieve success.
  6. What yer budget limitations are.

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Affordable SEO
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While every business is at a stage of marketing and SEO progress, every industry also has a different level of competitiveness. So the best way to increase your chances of successful SEO is to have a Digital Marketing and SEO Expert build an effective and economical package for you.

Some websites only require budgets as low as $1K per month, while others require $10K per month. Everything depends on your specific needs, so we assign an SEO Expert to examine your website and goals toย provide a competitive and honest fixed feeย custom-tailored for your business.

Hence, the reason why we have devisedย unique SEO Plans that are effective, yet affordable with fixed pricing. Nevertheless, before you set sail to embark on your SEO journey, we should determine what you'll need to compete in your industry.

All Nord SEO plans get the whole nine yards to get your business sailing in the right direction.

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