SEO Pyramid: 6 Phases to SEO Success
6 Phases to SEO Success

πŸͺ„25 years of SEO experience outlined in six natural phases of SEO.

πŸŒ‘ Phase 1 - Assessment & Research
πŸ”‘ Keyword Discovery🎯 Audience Discovery
🎭 Positive & Negative Alerts🧐 Competitor Analysis
πŸ” Deep SEO AuditπŸ”’ Advanced Security
🐞 Weekly AuditsπŸ“Š Weekly Reports
🚦 24/7 Uptime Checker 
πŸŒ’ Phase 2 - Establish Presence
🌱 Custom Web DesignπŸ”¨ On-Site Optimization
🩺 Site Health MonitoringπŸ“ˆ Rank Monitoring
πŸ”” Backlink Monitoring🚨 Link Disinfection
πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ Competitor TrackingπŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» HTML Monitoring
⭐️ Review Monitoring 
πŸŒ“ Phase 3 - Content Marketing
🧠 Content Marketing & Strategyβš–οΈ Legal Proofreading
πŸš€ Content CurationΒ 
πŸŒ” Phase 4 - Gain Authority
🦾 Reputation ManagementπŸ“ Citation Building
πŸ”— Link BuildingπŸ“£ PR + Outreach
🀝 Partnership Prospecting 
πŸŒ• Phase 5 - Conversion Optimization
πŸ”­ User Behavior TrackingπŸ’Έ Conversion Funnels
πŸŒ” Phase 6 - Advanced Metrics
πŸ”¬ KPI Metrics❀️ Brand Monitoring
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