No Onsite Cookies

We do not track any visitors while browsing URLs on our website. We do not need cookies, and we do not store any user information of any kind on, nor do we host any database.

3rd Party Cookies We use Mouseflow for web analytics and session replay. This service may collect data such as clicks, mouse movements, scrolling activity, IP addresses, geo-locations, and non-personally identifiable information text you type in this website. It also issues cookies to help track user interaction for the purpose of optimizing our website.Β We utilize SnipCart for our service plans, which uses cookies for account signups, and logins, and forgotten cart items.Β We utilize Appointlet for our scheduling system, which has an opt-in option that uses cookies for faster repeat scheduling. We use TinyCC for link-click tracking, which issues cookies to gather anonymous data, including device, browser, IP, and device.

Information we collect in form entries: We collect First and Last Name, Email, Phone, Domain name, IP Address, and Device ID.

Deleting Your Information

If you wish to delete your information from these third parties, you must contact them directly. We do not have any control over your information collected and stored by these third parties, nor are we responsible for it. Please refer to their individual privacy policies for more information on how to manage and delete your data.

Deleting Your Information from Our Form Submissions

If you wish to delete the personal information you've submitted to us via our contact form, please reach out to us directly using the contact information provided on our Contact page. We will process your request and remove your information from our records as per your request and in compliance with applicable data protection laws.