Affordable SEO Packages with Fixed Pricing, Tailored Just for You and Your Industry

Before you set sail to embark on your SEO journey, we should determine what you’ll need to achieve success.

Let’s face the facts — SEO agencies who promise results to every business with the same SEO packages and prices, are presumably making empty promises. Here we’ll explain why all clients require different sized budgets compared to others.

At Nord SEO, — we assemble every SEO package to be flexible, transparent, and scalable to match any sized business. There are three main categories your business fits into which helps determine what size budget to expect for effective SEO. These categories are SMB’s (Small to Medium sized Businesses), SME’s (Small to Medium sized Enterprises), or MNC’s (Multinational Corporations / Large-scaled Enterprises). While every business is also at their own stage of marketing and SEO progress, every industry also has a different level of competitiveness. So the best way to increase your chances of successful SEO is to have a Digital Marketing and SEO Expert build a package that is effective and economical for you.

These characteristics of your business can drastically affect the budgets to achieve successful SEO:

  1. The size of your business and website.
  2. The amount of keywords you need to target.
  3. How good or bad your website history is.
  4. The level of competition in your industry.
  5. How fast you want to achieve success.
  6. What your budget limitations are.
youre gonna need a bigger boat 150x150 - Affordable SEO Packages

“You’re gonna need a bigger boat”

☝️Nonetheless, no matter the size of your business and industry, the starting budgets for Local SEO open at $250 per week (or $1,000 USD per month) — which is inexpensive when compared to the cost of paying a weekly employee who doesn’t have the same skills as an agency. This starting budget allows you to cover the minimum requirements for monitoring and maintaining healthy SEO and steady growth, but expenses can increase depending on your needs and goals.

No Worries, All Nord SEO Packages Include the Bare-Essentials 😉

Phase 1 - Assessment & Research

Keyword Discovery

Positive & Negative Alerts

Competitor Analysis

Deep SEO Audit

Advanced Security

Weekly Audits

Weekly Reports

24/7 Uptime Checker

Phase 2 - Establish Presence

Custom Web Design

On-Site Optimization

Site Health Monitoring

Rank Monitoring

Backlink Monitoring

Link Disinfection

Competitor Tracking

HTML Monitoring

Review Monitoring

Phase 3 - Content Marketing

Content Marketing & Strategy

Legal Proofreading

Content Curation

Phase 4 - Gain Authority

Reputation Management

Citation Building

Link Building

PR + Outreach

Phase 5 - Conversion Optimization

User Behavior Tracking

Conversion Funnels

Phase 6 - Advanced Metrics

KPI Metrics

Brand Monitoring

White Hat SEOThe most valuable benefit of our White Hat SEO Service is having a team of think-tanks who have over 20 years of experience in organic marketing, digital marketing and search engine optimization strategies.

Local SEO

(Small to Medium sized Business)

National SEO

(Small to Medium sized Enterprises)

International SEO

(Multinational Corporations / Enterprises)

We can provide a fixed price for your website’s SEO after Phase 1 – Assessment & Research is performed.

Why? The first phase of SEO is necessary to accurately determine the ideal budgets to achieve goals on a timeline. Our SEO Experts provide a flat hourly rate of $90/hour without any obligations to continue a monthly contract. Phase 1 SEO generally takes 1-2 weeks with 10 hours per week for a small to medium sized business.

🌑 Phase 1 SEO

🌒 Phase 2 SEO

🌓 Phase 3 SEO

🌔 Phase 4 SEO

🌕 Phase 5 SEO

🌖 Phase 6 SEO

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Proof of Nord SEO's White Hat methods!

5.0 rating
January 28, 2020

Nord SEO sticks to their ethics and has done SEO for our website since 2013. Within 6 months we started to dominate the local search results for our main keywords. Even better, we are ranking nationally now! Clint’s methods kept our reputation and domain clean with Google.

Rebecca (

Experienced SEO Specialist

5.0 rating
October 20, 2019

Would definitely hire Clint again.

Camie (

SEO Yoast and Keyword Research

5.0 rating
June 18, 2019

Phase one of our contract with Clint is finished and he’s done an outstanding job so far. His communication is great!

Michelle (

SEO Consultant for Remediant

5.0 rating
December 5, 2018

This guy knows his SEO inside out! Highly recommend.

Pasha (


To put it simply, there is no such thing as successful SEO plan that entails a “one-price-fits-all” solution. Every business has particular needs, and every industry has its own competitive nature. Some website’s only require budgets as low as $1K per month, while others require $10K per month. Everything depends on your specific needs, so we assign an SEO Expert to examine your website and goals to provide a competitive and honest fixed fee custom tailored for your business. However, the minimum budget required to maintain and monitor your SEO progress begins at $250 per week (or $1,000 USD per month).

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